2019 Barrie Beehag

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Event Details
Event Date 16th Nov 2019
Time from 7.30am
Duration All day event
Registration Details
Closing Date 24th Oct 2019
Pricing Information
General (includes SRA Fees) $415.00 ea

Online registration for this event has closed.

2019 Barrie Beehag

River Closure

Saturday 16th November 2019
Fraser Road Boat Ramp to Torrumbarry Weir 6.30am - 5.00pm


ALL competitors[drivers, observers and skiers], 13 years and over MUST attend the verbal briefing at top of boat launching ramp on Sat 16th Nov at 8.00am sharp. Please ensure you arrive early and complete breath testing and helmet checking which opens at 6.30am  and closes at 7.45am prior to the briefing. Please stay in area and do not leave until briefing is complete. Please ensure that you have your SRA card on you. Failure to do so will see team not able to start race. A copy of briefing notes will be sent to all competitors, but you must attend verbal briefing on site.


ALL COMPETITORS (Drivers, Observers, Skiers over 18 years of age), will be Breath Tested, please present your SRA Membership Card, as you will be bar coded to sign in. This starts at 6.30am

Approximate start time 9.30am
Speed restrictions apply in Marina
Tow boats will be available to those that require towing out of Marina.

Food & Drinks will be available at the Boat Ramp, Start - Finish area and at Torrumbarry Boat Ramp during the turnaround.

Presentation to follow directly after the race, after all boats have been removed, to take place at the Deep Creek Marina Hotel.



  1. Superclass
  2. Unlimited Inboard Expert
  3. Unlimited Outboard Expert
  4. Sportsmans
  5. 8 Litre Expert
  6. 6 Litre Expert
  7. SMOC Expert
  8. Under 18 Boys / Girls Expert
  9. Under 16 Boys / Girls Expert
  10. Under 14 Boys / Girls Expert
  11. 70mph Expert
  12. Under 12 Boys / Girls
  13. 60 mph Expert 


For 1st Place only

Outright 1st place receives Barrie Beehag Perpetual Trophy

Entry Conditions

Click here to read the terms and conditions of entry.

Your entry fee of $415.00 Includes the following

  • $188.50  Race Safe H20 Fee and SRA boat levy
  • $226.50  Entry fee, which includes the costs to run the event including SRA sanctioning, Ambulance, administration costs, trophies etc.

 1.5% transaction fee for the use of Credit Card. - this is charged at the conclusion of your transaction.

Venue Deep Creek Marina
Address Perricoota road, Moama
Organiser Moama Water Sports Club
Phone Phone: (03) 548 06754
Email admin@barriebeehag.com.au